Stunning September flowers for a Bude wedding

We take a look at Bleujen's wedding flower designs for an autumn wedding at Launcells Barton, in north Cornwall

In the first of our real wedding blogs, we're sharing the beautiful wedding flowers Bleujen created for Harry and Alexa at Launcells Barton

After proposing at Widemouth Bay after nine years together, Harry and Alexa knew they wanted to keep their wedding local to Bude. “Launcells Barton ticked every box for us, a beautiful venue in a perfect location and next to a church,” explains Alexa.

With their dream venue confirmed, the couple secured local Bude florist Bleujen to do their wedding flowers. “We could see that Bleujen had done many weddings in the area, and in particular for Launcells Barton. We loved the variety of flowers Bleujen uses, and the stylish layouts of the weddings,” recollects Alexa.

Opting for a September wedding, head of wedding flowers at Bleujen, Erica was excited to execute the flower designs. “When we reach the autumn months as a wedding florist I can experiment with a wider colour palette as we introduce richer shades,” says Erica. “For Alexa and Harry’s Bude wedding, we used a great amount of textures, variety of flowers and lots of tones of colours, such as bold purple alliums, deep pink protea, and rust coloured Amaranthus.” 

The couple had a clear vision for their wedding theme. Opting for a relaxed boho style, where the flowers were crucial for setting the scene. “We wanted lots of burnt oranges, greens, creams, dusky pinks and peaches, which Erica totally understood from the get-go!” she continues: “Erica was able to advise me about which flowers would be in season and suggestions of what she thought would work well too.”

Achieving a theme in a church as well as a wedding venue, isn’t always straightforward but the result was truly stunning. “We were really blown away by the free-standing display in the church, as well as the assorted selection Erica put together on the tables. She has got such a good eye,” complimented Alexa.

Erica custom designed a free-standing design at the altar. “Having a design installed where the happy couple say their vows, is always the best place as not only will it be in the photos when taken of the bride and groom, it's in all the guests’ view, too.” To decorate the rest of the church, Erica opted for loose bunches of olive on the end of the pews with a simple satin ribbon.

The flowers that often mean the most on the day is the wedding bouquet. Alexa’s bouquet included gorgeous pink king-protea which contrasted with the delicate softer petals, and elegant, luscious leaves. Erica also included beautiful dahlias and cappuccino roses to create a show-stopping design. For the groom buttonholes were classic in design, with complimentary pastel colours which add the perfect detailing to the tailored suits. Many of the bridesmaids also had elegant hair flowers with creamy hues to complete the look.

Launcells Barton is a magical venue, and a space where Erica’s wedding flower designs can shine. Knowing the space inside and out, Erica is well aware how to enhance the space, from installing gorgeous hanging displays from the chunky oak beams in the reception room, to the delicate autumn-inspired table decorations, which the coupled named after special places.

With no stone unturned, Bleujen’s wedding flowers even made an appearance on the cake. Alexa and Harry chose local cake designer Hannah's Cornish Cakes, and prior to the wedding Bleujen worked collaboratively with the cake designer, to ensure even the cake continued the theme. 

Designing the flowers for this Bude wedding was a pleasure, and the Bleujen team were delighted with the results. The last question we asked Alexa and Harry was whether they’d recommend Bleujen as a wedding florist, and the feedback is humbling. “We couldn't recommend Bleujen enough as a wedding florist. Communication was excellent from the beginning and it was great to work with experts in the area who were able to both listen to my ideas and also guide me with making choices that kept the theme cohesive. The flowers were one of my favourite parts of the whole day as it felt like they brought the whole day together!”

Photography credit: Mark Shaw Photography

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